Affiliate Marketing For Newbies!

Affiliate Marketing For Newbies!

This post is a guide to affiliate marketing for newbies. In essence an affiliate has the ability toaffiliate marketing for newbies

promote millions of products and services through affiliate programs.

An affiliate program could best be described as a channel through which buyers of products and services are connected with sellers.

Your aim as an Affiliate Marketer is to drive traffic to the website of the seller and if a person purchases something you will earn a commission.

Your job is simply to connect a person who is looking for a particular product or service with an organization who is looking to sell that product or service. It is perhaps like a property agent who finds a buy for a seller’s property. Once the sale completes the agent receives a commission on the sale.

Does It Cost Money To Be An Affiliate?

It is invariably the case that you can sign up for free in under a minute to an affiliate program. Once you are signed up you can promote products and services that are managed by that organization. Essentially affiliate programs are a platform upon which product creators can showcase their products.

The affiliate program could best be described as being like an online shop. Product creators make their products available to the program, Affiliate Marketers promote the products.

How Much Commission Will I Get On A Sale?affiliate marketing for newbies

The commission on sales vary from program to program and it is between 1% – 75% of the sale price. You may be wondering how a seller can afford to give you as an affiliate 75% of the sale price.

The answer is that high commissions are paid on the sale of digital products like computer downloads. The seller has little or no costs attached to the sale. Once an e/book has been created there is little or no expense connected with sending the product to the buyer.

Digital Products

I have for illustrative purposes, selected a Clickbank digital product that sells for $47. This battery renewal product pays affiliates $34.80 per sale on average. You should note the revenue per sale is an approximation that includes upsells, sales tax and chargebacks.

An upsell is a further sale that is made beyond the original sale. It can be the case that as an affiliate that you will receive commission on further sales to a customer that you introduced. A downside to digital products is that you are perhaps more likely lose commissions as a result of customers requesting refunds than is the case for physical products. The image below has been taken from Clickbank’s site.

affiliate marketing for newbies







If you have a stable of websites that promote different products and services, then you have the potential for a very large online income. However, when promoting products and services, you should have long term thinking and only promote quality. You do not want to have your reputation tarnished by promoting shoddy goods that earn you a quick buck.

You made be wondering whether many people buy digital products from organizations like Clickbank. Clickbank have been in existence for nearly 16 years and have had over 100 million sales which is double the number of sales of the latest iPhone.

The Vice President of Marketing at Clickbank has recently announced that Clickbank want to help 1 million people reach their financial online goals.

They are encouraging people to both create and market products through their affiliate program. From an online presentation that I recently watched, I have noted that Clickbank have paid out $2.5 billion ! Yes 2.5 billion dollars to product creators and affiliate marketers. They want to massively increase this figure.

Physical Products

In contrast to this there will be a lower commissions paid on the purchase of physical products like a Telescope. The seller will have the cost of producing the item to consider and as such cannot afford to pay a huge percentage of the sales price to someone who has introduced the buyer.

However, Amazon is popular amongst Affiliate Marketers because Amazon have a huge range of products and have an efficient system for dispatching goods and making payments to affiliates. I have found from personal experience that you get few customers returning goods to Amazon with a request for a refund. I think that a blend of quality digital and physical products is the best combination.

affiliate marketing for newbies

A couple of sales made through Amazon.

Commissions are invariable paid on a monthly or fortnightly basis. This can be paid to you in the form of a cheque (check) Paypal payment or a transfer into your bank account. You will as part of  your affiliate resources get a computerized dashboard that tells you how many people have clicked your links and how many sales you have made. If you would like to join the Amazon Associates Program, then click here to see how I created an account for this site.

Does An Online Affiliate Marketing Business Have Any Advantages Over An Offline Business?

There are many people who are creating a full time business as an Affiliate Marketer. The big advantage of a business like this is that you have very little start up costs, which is very much in contrast to a regular bricks and mortar offline business.

Is Affiliate Marketing Already Overcrowded With Online Marketers?

You may be thinking that the internet is already overcrowded with Affiliate Marketers and that there is no room foraffiliate marketing for newbies you in it. Nothing could be further from the truth.  As of December 2013 there were over 2.4 billion people on the Internet world wide. In the United States alone there were over 273 million people on the Internet. The numbers are quite staggering and growing all of the time.

The market place is vast. In addition to this every day huge numbers of new products and services are launched. These organizations need affiliates to help to promote new products and services. As an affiliate you are in essence an independent and vital part of the sales team.

Is Affiliate Marketing Above Board Or An Online Scam?

This all may sound fine and dandy, but is Affiliate Marketing entirely legitimate and above board? Please take a look at a few of the globally known organizations that have affiliate programs. Would organizations like these have affiliate programs if they were not a legitimate way of selling their products and services? The answer is obviously No. This medium of selling is both legitimate and growing.

Amazon , Apple, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Clickbank, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Fila, Geico, Kolhs, Microsoft, Sony and Walmart. 

affiliate marketing for newbies

The Apple Affiliate Program.

 What I think is really brilliant about Affiliate Marketing is that all you need is a website to start your business. This is something that you can build and promote easily at a very little cost from the comfort of your own home.

What Products And Services Would I Promote ?

You can promote products and services that you have a passion or at least a personal interest in.affiliate marketing for newbies Consumers are interested in finding out quality information about a product or service.

You provide that information and a link to where they can buy it. They buy the product you get a commission.  If you produce high quality information about products and services, people will return to your website in search of information about other similar products.

If you are writing about a product or service you are interested in you can engage with your visitor and be like an internet friend. This is why it is really important to only promote things that you think will serve your website visitors well. They will thank you and return to you for advice on other products.

They are happy you are happy 🙂

Can I Get Easy To Follow Training That Will Show Me How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Business ?

I have enjoyed preparing this affiliate marketing for newbies post. I hope that it has whetted your appetite for more information on how you can from your own home make money from Affiliate Marketing. I have prepared a review of a program that is easy to follow that will enable you to build your Affiliate Marketing business .

If you have any questions on Affiliate Marketing or observations then please leave me a message below and I will get back to you soon.

affiliate marketing for newbiesaffiliate marketing for newbies

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  1. Guido

    Hi Mark thanks for your post. Do you have one special trip for affiliate marketing newbies? Guido.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Guido, I think that my biggest tip is that there is no short cut to online success. Your online business has to be worked at in the same way as an offline business. You need to have on your website quality unique content that is of value to your visitors. If you require any help with building and developing your online business then I would recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Very best wishes Mark 🙂

  2. Emma Bell

    Hi Mark thanks for your post. I am an affiliate marketing newbie and would like some help with building and marketing a website. Is there any training program that you would recommend. I only have a small budget. Best wishes Emma

    1. Mark Post author

      Hey Emma thanks for stopping by. I would recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. I Built this website from training that I received from WA. You can with a free Starter Membership check out the site. The only upgrade is premium membership which costs $47 per month. This includes, training, support and website hosting for an unlimited number of sites. Very best wishes Mark

  3. Glen Puckett

    Hi Mark, thanks for this great post. I am new to affiliate marketing and would like some help with building a website. Can you recommend any training? Best wishes Glen.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hello Glen, thanks for stopping by. To be successful with affiliate marketing you will need a quality website that ranks well in the search engines. Building a quality site is much easier than you might think. I built this site using training that I received from Wealthy Affiliate. You can open a starter account for free. Very best wishes Mark 🙂

  4. Iona

    I love the high quality of your site. I joined Wealthy Affiliate as you suggested and am now on my way to building a successful online business. Thanks for all your help. Iona.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hello Iona it is great to hear from you. I think that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn how you can make money from affiliate marketing. I wish you every success. Mark 🙂

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    I see some people have requested an online community which provides teaching and support. This is a good link to get introduced to affiliate marketing with those benefits and more. Copy this link on your browser and earn money online: LINK DELETED.

  6. Peter

    Great article Mark. I am just starting out in Affiliate Marketing and I found this really helpful. It’s hard to know what to do when you start. I think it’s important to join a community that provides teaching and support.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Peter, thanks for stopping by. I think that being part of a community that will help you build your online business is really important. Working on your own can be a lonely business.

  7. pearlie

    I love the layout of your sites and the content is good, I would certainly recommend anyone starting out to stay here on this page. Keep up the good work and all the best with your buisness.

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks. I think that people who are new to affiliate marketing should stay clear of junk do it all for you products. Affiliate marketing is about building an online business using proven techniques.

  8. Ken

    Nice place for a newbie to start and learn a little about the business before investing. I like you analogy of an affiliate like property agent. Nice work Mark…


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