Check Your Keyword Rankings for FREE!

Check Your Keyword Rankings For FREE!

You can check your keyword rankings for free using an excellent tool. The free tool will enable you to check up to 20 keywords at once. The system will automatically check you keyword ranking for free check the keyword position in the three major search engines.

It is very easy to to get sucked into paying money for this tool or that. Before you know it your overheads can sky rocket.

This is why I am keen on recommending free tools that will get the job done.

How Deep Does The Tool Go?

The tool enables you to check whether your website is ranked in the first 50 pages of the search engines for a particular keyword. To save time you can check the first 1-10 pages or pages 11-30 or 31 to 50. This is very useful if you know roughly where your keyword is ranked. I normally only check the first 10 pages.

If you are starting out and are checking your first few keywords then I would recommend that you check all of the pages.

It is incredibly exciting to spot for the first time a keyword that you are ranked for. You feel like your website is alive and kicking.

What Do I Have To Enter Into The Tool?

All you have to do is enter your domain name where indicated and insert your keywords in the check your keyword ranking for freekeyword box. Please remember to put one keyword in per line.

Below is capture code box in which you enter the code. In the screen capture you can see that the code was 9hxxd8. The code changes each time you use the system.

Below this is the green Check position button which you click. The system will automatically search the first 10 pages of the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Once completed your results will come up.

The box that shows pages 1-10 can by clicking the arrow next to it be moved to 11-30 or 31-50. You can search for rankings on these pages by repeating the process discussed above.
 check your keyword ranking for free


I check my rankings once a week and have a spreadsheet that I use to plot the rankings that I have with each particular search engine.

Reviewing Your Results.

Once the searching process has been completed you get your results in the format below. I have sampled for you two keywords that I have used for this website.

I have blurred out the keywords that I have used. On your result you will see above the numbers thecheck your keyword ranking for free keyword that you have searched.

As you can see, for the first keyword this site is ranked at position number 2 in both Google and Bing which is an excellent result.

The second keyword is ranked at number 18 in Google which is a page 2 ranking and number 7 in Bing which is a page 1 ranking. Being ranked in the first 3 places is ideal, being ranked on the first page is very good. It has been my experience that my rankings in Bing are a bit higher than those in Google.

I have checked keywords using this tool and have occasionally found that the system has not picked up a ranking. If you are aware that you have a ranking for a keyword and it does not show up, then simply do another search and you are almost certain to find it.

I use the Jaaxy keyword research tool to find great keywords that are likely to rank well. I am as visitor of this site able to offer you a free trial of the Jaaxy keyword tool. Please click here to access Jaaxy and information on how to get the most out of it.

When Should Your Rankings Appear?

I have found that rankings for Google seem to appear fairly quickly. I finished a post about 5 days ago and the keyword for it already has a Google ranking. Rankings for Bing seem to be a bit slower to appear. If you have a newly created website then it is likely that it will take a while for your rankings to show up. As you continue to add quality content your rankings will appear and then improve.

Click here to access the tool that will enable you to check your keyword rankings for FREE!

I hope that you get excellent rankings and find this tool to be really useful 🙂

Please tell me how you get on by leaving a comment below. I will get back to you shortly.

check your keyword ranking for freecheck your keyword ranking for free

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10 thoughts on “Check Your Keyword Rankings for FREE!

  1. Jason Kraftwork

    Hello Mark, thanks for your post. The keyword rank tools works a treat. Best wishes Jason

  2. Charlie 4 Freedom

    Hey Mark:
    Charlie from WA.

    Thanks for sharing the rank checker tool. Did I miss it? But, I couldn’t find the link to the tool. Thanks for any response.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Charlie thanks for stopping by. I have made the link to the rank checker tool more prominant 🙂

  3. Peter

    Thanks for this info Mark. A very useful tool for checking search engine rankings, I tried it and it works very well. Like you I also use the excellent Jaaxy tool to find keywords. All the best. Peter

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Peter thanks for stopping by. This free tool is very useful for checking search engine rankings. As you have correctly observed, I also use the excellent Jaxxy tool for keyword research.


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