How Do I Become An Amazon Associate ?

How Do I Become An Amazon Associate?

How do I become an Amazon Associate? Does it cost any money? These are two questions that are probably on your mind. 

Joining is a fairly simple process that I will walk you through. It is also entirely free to join. I have whilst preparing this page, opened an Associates account for this specific website, so that you can see the process live.

Unfortunately, residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, or Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in the Associates program.

What Do You Need In Order To Be Accepted ?

In order to become an Amazon Associate you will need to have a website or blog. You will also need a website address and be able to describe what your website is about. In addition to this you will have tell Amazon about other advertising on your site and who your target audience is.

Using this program, you are able to add links to any of the million or so items on Amazon’s site to your ownhow do i become an amazon associate website and earn a commission when someone clicks the link and makes a purchase.  You can earn a commission of up to 10% The commissions percentage depends on the product and the volume of products that you sell in a given month.  However the modest commission percentages are compensated by the fact that the Amazon system is easy to use.

This is an ideal program to get started with. Amazon has an excellent reputation and is globally known. You visitors will recognize that Amazon is a name to be trusted.

Signing Up For Your Amazon Associates Account?how do i become an amazon associate

Once you have set up your website you are ready to go to You click the orange “Join Now For Free” button.

If you already have an account with Amazon, you can log in. This will list the Associates account under your existing Amazon account.

If like me you want an entirely separate Associate account then you will need to enter a new email address and click ” I am a new customer”. You will be required to enter your name and create a password for this new account.

The next stage is to complete the application field. how do i become an amazon associateThis will require you to enter your name, address and contact details.

These types of detail will be asked for when you apply to join most affiliate programs. It is also prudent to keep a careful record of the email address and password that you have used to set up your account.

Your Website Profile.

The next section is perhaps the trickiest part of the process and I would recommend that you gather up the answers to these questions before you commence the application process.

You will need to enter the name of your website. In my case the name of the site is Work Wise Ways Online. You willhow do i become and amazon associate then be required to enter the URL of your website.

Next you will in about a paragraph need to enter what you website is about. This is a general description of the site. Amazon would like you to consider, what users can do on your site, who is it intended for, and what type of products  do you intend to promote.

You are then asked to select from a list the topics the ones that best describe the content and purpose of your site. Examples that are given are include Automotive/Transport or Books or Business/Industrial.

 You are then via ticking boxes asked to tell Amazon what types of items you intend to list on your website, examples from the list are Books, Digital Downloads or Kindle.

The next step is to indicate using box ticking how you are going to drive traffic to your website. Examples being, Paid Search, Display Advertising, Email, Social Networks, Blogs.

You are then asked to indicate what other ways you intend to use to monetize your site . These could include things like Google Adsense and other affiliate marketing programs.

You are then required to tell Amazon, how you usually build links on your website.  A list of options are given which include, Blog Editor, HTML Editor, Manually via test editor.

You are then asked how many unique visitors your website gets per month and your primary reason for wanting to join the Associate program. You are given options that you can select as being your answers, examples being, less than 500 visitors, 501 to 5,000. To gauge the level of traffic that you get you can use the free Google Analytics tool.

Finally, you are asked to signify how you heard about the program. You simply select the most appropriate do i become an amazon associate

Once you have submitted your answers to are taken to a further page where you are required by ticking a box to agree to the terms and conditions of the Associates Operating Agreement.

There is a link to the agreement which you should familiarize yourself with before making the final submission of your application.

Almost instantaneously you will receive from the Amazon Associates Program an email that how do i become an amazon associateconfirms that your application is being processed.

Once your account is approved by will receive a further congratulatory email from the Associate program. I received mine about 24 hours after applying.

When your account has been approved you can start adding affiliate products to your website.

There are a huge number of tools and reports that will help you to manage and develop your account. 

When Will You Get Paid?

You are paid 60 days in arrears. You will receive in August, commissions on sales that you have made in June. There is also a threshold for payments. You must accrue commissions of over £25 in the UK to receive a payment, for US based associates it is as low as $10. If you earn less than the threshold in a month your earnings are carried forward to the next month. A payment is made to you once you have accrued earnings that are above the threshold.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the page you need to have a website. Please check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate, which is a place where to get can all of the training and support that you need to help you create and market your site. I have also written a post on how you can generate free traffic when you want it. Click here to access the post.

I have enjoyed answering the question ” How do I become an Amazon Associate” for you. If you have any questions or queries, then please leave me a message below and I will come back to you shortly 🙂

how do I become an amazon associate

how do i become an amazon associate

Owner, Work Wise Ways Online


16 thoughts on “How Do I Become An Amazon Associate ?

  1. Gary Hendricks

    Hi Mark thanks for showing me how I can become an Amazon Associate. I think that there is plenty of money to be made. Very best wishes Gary

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Gary, I am glad that you have found my post to be of value. I agree with you that there is plenty of cash to be made as a Amazon Associate.

      All you need is a decent website, some quality unique content and links to great products. Very best wishes Mark:)

  2. Frank Stevens

    Hi Mark, thanks for your post. I can see that there is a lot of potential in respect of becoming an Amazon Associate. I am looking for some help with building a website. What would you recommend? Best wishes Frank

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Frank, you are completely correct. There is potentially a lot of money to be made as an Amazon Associate. I would recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate in respect of help with building your website. They can provide you with all the tools and training that you will need. As part of the membership package you get hosting for an unlimited number of websites. Very best wishes Mark 🙂

  3. Uwe Sadlier

    Hello Mark thanks for this post. I would like some help with building a website that would be suitable for promoting Amazon products. Can you tell me where I could get some training and guidance? Best wishes Uwe

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Uwe, I think that you will need a quality website in order to be able to successfully promote Amazon products. To have credibility with your visitors your site will need to look clean and professional. I would recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. I have built this website using the training and support that I received from WA. You can open a free starter account and see what WA has to offer. Very best wishes Mark 🙂

  4. Jenny

    Hеllo Mark, thanks for the great information on becoming an Amazon Associate Jenny:)

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Jenny, I am pleased that you have found my post on becoming an Amazon Associate useful. Wishing you every success Mark.

  5. Louanne

    Hi Mark thanks for your post on becoming an Amazon Associate. I am also looking for help with building a website and generating traffic. Can you assist Louanne.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hello Louanne, If you are looking for help with building a website and generating traffic then I would recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They will supply you with all the training and guidance that you will need in respect of building a website and generating traffic. Very best wishes Mark 🙂

  6. Paula

    Great write up but i would like to ask, i have heard that when you join you have 90 days to make a sale if not they will close your account, have you heard this?
    If so it would be advisable for newbies to wait until they have enough content and traffic to their site before joining

    1. Mark Post author

      Hello Paula, Yes I understand that Amazon do have a 90 day closure rule. As you have mentioned, it is a good idea to have quality content on your website that visitors will be interested in. The key thing is to give your visitors valuable information about the product that will help them decide whether it is for them. You are not permitted to buy products yourself through your Amazon link or encourage friends and family to do so. This would be a violation of the terms and conditions of Amazon. Very best wishes Mark 🙂

  7. Todd

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the great article on how to get started with Amazon’s affiliate program, seems pretty easy. It’s a shame that the exclude certain states, me being from Colorado. But i wonder if it matters if I live part time in S. America. Well, I’ll have to let you know when I go to try to sign up for myself. See if they except an alternative address.
    Thanks for the great read.

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Todd. I am really pleased that you have enjoyed my article and got value from it. It does seem a shame that people in Colorado are excluded from being an Amazon affiliate. Please let me know how you get on when you sign up. Wishing you lots of success with Amazon 🙂

  8. Adam

    1. For international associates who want to join program, what is the minimum payment threshold?

    2. Do you know how payment check looks like? If you go to and type in “Amazon check”, it only shows checks received from program

    I’m curious to see how payment check looks like


    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Adam, the minimum payment threshold for UK Amazon Associates is £25. The two methods of payment by which UK Associates can be paid are direct deposits into your bank account or an Gift Certificate. Both payment methods require the Associate to have accrued earnings of at least £25. I checked my payment options dashboard and could only find the two payment methods that are discussed above. I do not think that cheques (checks) are issued. I have had payments deposited directly into my bank account. I hope that I have fully answered your inquiry 🙂


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