How To Get My Website Noticed By The Search Engines.

How To Get My Website Noticed By The Search Engines.

Once you have created a great new piece of content for your website, you need to get it onto the radar of the search engines and directories.

We as marketers do not want to wait until the search engines eventually discover our new post or web page. I want to share with you a great free tool that will ping (notify) search engines and directories that you have fresh content on your site. This will help you to get a flow of traffic to your site more quickly.

The Ping-O-Matic Tool.

I would highly recommend that you use the Ping-O-Matic tool immediately after you have created a new post or page for your website. The tool is really easy to use. There are no registrations or sign ups, you just go to the site and use the tool.

Once you reach the site, you simply enter the title of your blog in the first box and then insert into box below the URL for your blog. You then click the box Common Services and tick the Specialized Services boxes that are appropriate to your material. The final step is to click the Send Pings button.

How-to-get-my-website-noticed by the search engines

Once you have sent the pings you are taken to the screen below and it is job done 🙂

Ping-o-Matic! - page 2To access the Ping-O-Matic site click here. 

If you have any comments or experiences in respect of using Ping-O-Matic, then please leave your views below and I will get back to you shortly. I have enjoyed addressing the question ” How to get my website noticed by the search engines” for you.

I am presently reviewing a number of internet marketing tools and will share my findings with you. I have previously written a post on how you can for free check your keyword rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you are interested in finding out more about this tool then click here.

how to get my website noticed by the search engineshow to get my website noticed by the search engines

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2 thoughts on “How To Get My Website Noticed By The Search Engines.

  1. Katie

    This is very useful to know and looks simple to use will give it a go.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by. This tool is very simple to use and free 🙂


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