How To Stay Motivated On A Bad Hair Day!

Staying Motivated On A Bad Hair Day!

A challenge for all of us is how to stay motivated on a bad hair day. As you can see from my picture, I do not have a lot of hair, but do like you have the odd bad day when I think that everything is conspiring against me.

Days when you think that nothing that you seem to try is working! Your internet connection is slow, you cannot think how to stay motivated on a bad hair day of content, you cannot get a reply to an email, your partner thinks that you are wasting your time.

It is on days like these that you need the help of ” Little Victories”. These are little reminders of the progress that you have made and the skills and knowledge that you now have under your belt.

They also bring into focus what you have achieved to date and signpost what you can achieve in the future.

How Do You Record Little Victories?

Essentially you record in a few words a successful outcome and the date. What is perhaps the magic ingredient is to how to stay motivated on a bad hair daynote down on a scale of 1-100 the amount of pleasure or excitement the success has given you. The higher the rating the more happiness and excitement that success has given you.

Your ratings are something that you create on an intuitive level. I find that a number just forms in my head when I think of the success. I have illustrated below some examples of my little victories.

You can include anything that you  consider to be a step forward that gave you some pleasure and excitement.

The most important thing is that you create a bank of successes that will insulate you from setbacks and disappointments.

how to stay motivated on a bad hair day

Reviewing your list will help you get ready for the next step forward!

This is a simple technique that I am sure will help you stay on track and quickly get over bad hair days.

I would really welcome your feedback on using “Little Victories” and any suggestions on how it can be improved and enhanced. Please leave your comments below and I will get back to you shortly.

I very much hope that you enjoy your ” Little Victories” 🙂

 how to stay motivated on a bad hair dayhow to stay motivated on a bad hair day

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8 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated On A Bad Hair Day!

  1. Brenda Welch

    Hi Mark, I have known what it is like to have a bad hair day. Thanks for your great tips. Brenda

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Brenda, thanks for your comments. I think that it is really important to be able to get over a bad day especially if you are building an internet marketing business. You will come across setbacks and road blocks on the way to your success. Best wishes Mark 🙂

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mark,
    Great post.
    You know, I very seldom praise myself on my little success.
    It’s funny we do that with our children!
    I think I expect a lot out of myself…for example:
    If I get one post completed in a day I think, “surely I can do two”.
    I’m going to start patting myself on the back more often.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Sandy thanks for dropping by. I think that it is important to keep your successes at the front of your mind. When you do this it is easier to get over a bad hair day and stay on track. Pat yourself on the back every time that you complete a post. Very best wishes Mark 🙂

  3. Debbi

    I love this idea of little victories and some of us truly DO have bad hair days. LOL. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Debbi thanks for stopping by. I hope that you have lots of little victories and very few bad hair days 🙂

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi, I think that you will have a lot of fun keeping your own book of little victories. Very best wishes Mark


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